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whi music is dedicated to promoting the power and beauty of improvised and experimental music. Based in Liverpool, UK, it's largely based around my activities and collaborations.

the catalogue now includes thirteen items, the most recent being 'Human' by Maggie Nicols & Phil Hargreaves (see below). 'where we were' by Caroline Kraabel & phil hargreaves is currently available on Leo Records. for more information on this release, see the dedicated website.

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phil hargreaves

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Malchamech is Richard Harding (Chapman Stick), Phil Hargreaves (Saxes/Flute) and Richard Harrison (Drums). The Malchamech sound draws on classic metal and the unpredictability of improvised music to create a swirling maelstrom of sound that still isn't afraid of its tender side. So if you like your sounds on the intense, slightly noisy side - this one's for you. CD is forthcoming, but in the meantime, check out the SoundCloud stuff:

Malchamech on SoundCloud

human sleeve

'Human by Maggie Nicols & Phil Hargreaves is now out.

It's hard to overstate how happy we are with this CD - it took two years to make, and it doesn't sound like one that you already own. It's a tapestry of so many things, ranging from dense audio collages to intimate improvised duos recorded in Dark Places. You can listen to the first ten minutes below.

This is a proper silver disk (ie not a CDr) in a very handsome six-panel cardboard sleeve, and available for the bargain price of 7 including p&p. Well, i think it's a bargain, anyway.


LISTEN (first ten minutes)

aplicate sleeve

The second amere3 CD is now out on Bruce's Fingers. Over to Simon Fell - "Firstly, I feel this music finds yet another way of investigating the saxophone / bass / drums format, without repeating the approach of any of its illustrious forebears in the BF catalogue. Phil Hargreaves has developed a quite unique and extremely personal voice on the saxophone - one which allows him to contribute freely but without ever dominating or railroading the ensemble through sheer physical power. Over the years Rob and I have worked hard to find a language
which would best contextualise this language, with the opportunities it presents; this excellent CD is the result.
Whilst this music is probably free jazz for the majority of the time, it remains non-hierarchical throughout - which is a particular pleasure. Secondly, Phil (who recorded this music) has excellently captured the acoustic sound of my bass. The BF catalogue contains numerous CDs where for whatever reason I regret the recorded bass sound (I'm sure the bass players among you will understand...) - but this is most definitely not one of them!"
You can find more about this CD, along with the opportunity to purchase said disc at the Bruce's Fingers website, or here for the Bandcamp site.

small things sleeve

The second CD by Graculus, 'Small Things', is an album of miniatures, each improvised, each under 2:30 long (some a lot under). As well as being available as a download via Bandcamp, there's a silver disk in a hand-made package, which is yours for 6, including postage.

Plus, i've now enabled the e-commerce side of things, so you can buy this, and other titles, from the comfort of your chair (assuming your chair is comfortable in the first place, that is):


There's now 19 vids up at my YouTube channel

Including several of the tracks off of 'Small Things', a trio of Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton & Steve Boyland, and some interesting things with the inside of a piano frame...

The performance by the Infinite Monkey Orchestra in 2009, with Simon Fell, was recorded, and has now been released on Ian Simpson's Electronic Musik netlabel. Go to
for a free listen and/or download

This is a vid of Graculus at the very wonderful If Only night at the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Dec 2011. For more like this, see the YouTube Channel.



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